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Tips & strategies to help resist temptation

Get a sugar fix
The idea that rinsing your mouth out, can improve self-control is not a new one, but soap is no longer necessary, you can just use a little sugar...
Cut it
When it comes to food, your brain more often than not, forgets to act like a grown up so use a little psychology on it, give it what it wants – give it more.
Count bites
Snacking happens whilst we’re doing something else, so it often escapes our consciousness. Bite counting is a way to beat mindless eating and weight gain.
Make a statement
A group of North Korean researchers have verified, ear acupuncture can be used to lose weight. you may look like a dork, but you will be SIGNIFICANTLY THINNER.
Get off the couch
By now, you’ve probably figured out, eating less AND moving more – is a lot like hard work. Need some help with the mammoth task, this might just help.
Be stimulated
When you’re bored, you have NO PURPOSE. To feel more meaningful you need to FEEL something. Make what you eat FUN......
Give a tongue lashing
Your brain is not the only organ weighing in on culinary decisions, your tongue’s preferences impact too. So what does the tongue like ? Soft and smooth, please
Concentrate !
When you think about a trip to the cinema, do you think popcorn and a movie, or just think movie ? Many brains expect both, but it really is just a habit.
Wear glasses
Avoiding eye contact with chocolate fudge sundae, is helpful, but there is more to “watching” than meets the eye. Appetite control begins with the eyes.
Gentlemen get married
Marital transitions shake up lives. Re-writing the rule book to accommodate the presence/absence of the other individual can generate a “weight shock”.
Ladies  stay single
Marital transitions shake up lives. Re-writing the rule book to accommodate the presence/absence of the other individual can generate a “weight shock”.
Enjoy non-edible rewards
Nibbling on chocolate covered carrots, is the way to keep your brain motivated. Neither sticks nor ordinary carrots can do the trick.
Count the days
Keep yourself motivated to stick to your weight loss plan but using a little neurotechnology as you tally up your progress, give your brain a moving target.
Think thin
FEELING FAT, as a teen, even when you’re enough to push you over the edge, so that you end up as an overweight adult.
Take a walk
If you’re in the habit of reaching for a chocolate fix, more often than you would like – RUN an errand and flatten the chocolate NEED.
Lie to yourself
The brain knows, edible treats are always rewarding so you need to use a little creative thinking so the certain reward becomes a booby prize
Take your time
Your eye catches sight of a delectable munchie. And the “I want” order is immediately dispatched. And so begins the battle in your head..... TEMPTATION.
Take a walk
Exercising is designed to create a calorie deficit, which should mean stored calories get used and whalla……….. thinness – but this often doesn’t happen

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