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Your body is equipped with over 600 muscles, each intricately designed to push and pull you through every moment of your life? From the robust biceps that help you carry groceries to the vast network of heart muscles pumping tirelessly every second, muscles do more than just help us move.

Muscles come in all shapes and sizes, from the large, powerful glutes that keep us stable to the tiny muscles in our ears that allow us to hear. They’re not just individual cells but complex conglomerates of fibers, all working in concert. Understanding how these diverse types of muscles—skeletal, smooth, and cardiac—function and interact is not just fascinating; it’s essential for creating better body chemistry.

Muscle is health

Vitamin D with recycle symbol in front of winter scene

Deploy a vitamin D conservation plan this winter

You’ve got a built in vitamin D conservation plan, that keeps your vitamin D status, SUFFICIENT – even in the middle of a freezing cold winter, in the Northern latitudes.

Muscle enjoying a soak in a hot tub

Icing an injured muscle slows down it’s healing

Packets of frozen peas, are medicinal, in the moments after an injury. They bring pain relief and keep the swelling down, but they don’t speed up healing

muscle burning sugar not fat

Exercising muscles don’t burn fat, so is exercising for weight loss pointless ?

Burning fat, is by definition an oxidation reaction i.e. it needs OXYGEN. The unpleasant reality, the harder you’re exercising, the less oxygen is available.

Chicken and an egg running for mail box

Metabolic syndrome is not a fat thing, it’s a muscle thing

Teens with metabolic syndrome, that are not obese are slightly muscle deficient. Obese teens also have low muscle mass – suggesting metabolic syndrome is a muscle thing

TV mesmerizing child's muscle

Tots watching too much TV end up being muscle flops

And muscle flops ……. are on the road to a lifetime of weight troubles, because they hate to move.

irisin in the insulin resistant

Irisin in the Ups and Downs of Insulin Resistance

We look at irisin, a hormone associated with freaked out muscles, in this week’s episode of the UPS & DOWNS of insulin resistance

muscle being rescued by protein

Eating protein saves your muscles while the fat cells burn

You’ve decided to go on diet to lose some of those extra pounds. You plan to lose the fat, which is creating the somewhat unsightly belly tyre, but will you ?

Muscle, along with melatonin, serotonin and growth hormone trying to balance out sugar levels

Sugar problems are the tip of the iceberg – they’re not what is sinking the ship

Insulin resistance IS a system – lots of tweaks have happened, over time to get you to this state. To get out of it, you need more than good sugar levels

muscle kicking down sugar gate

More muscle knocks out insulin resistance

Insulin resistance happens when your cells hire a locksmith to change the locks on the glucose gates. Muscle building tires out the locksmith knocking out insulin resistance

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