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Quick summary of the science  :

Research suggests listening and creating music, improves our mental well being  and boosts our physical health, in surprising and astonishing ways.

NB.  But you need to use music wisely

Posts related to how music, can create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and one or two, on how it can do the opposite

You could pay a therapist to help you be better or try, Popeye’s strategy and swallow a tin of spinach, or, you could PUMP UP THE VOLUME.
Heart disease arises when the cells lining your blood vessels, lose their groove. But you can give them back their groove by listening to music.
Being hard of hearing when you're ninety is expected.Being hard of hearing when you’re thirty will be devastating. Are your listening habits killing your music ?
Playing baby Mozart is not enough. A child needs to learn to play, a little Mozart. But you need to start those music lessons before the age of 7.
The brain is an incredible piece of equipment but loading it up with bits of trivia the doorway to the mind only allows one item through at a time.
Expensive music lessons might not turn you into a concert pianist but it will increase the odds that you can remember where you put the keys when you’re eighty.
If you still haven’t organized a date for Valentine’s day then maybe its time to try a more scientific approach to the dating game. A recent French study found that music is the key to a girl’s heart.
So get tralla lala laling. Singing together means breathing together. And breathing is good for the nerves, which is good for the heart.
If you’re freaked out and the blood pressure is sky high – try a little singing, it just might work.

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