Nap All Night

Quick summary of the science :

Welcome to “Nap all night,” where we delve into the vital yet often overlooked relationship between sleep and obesity. Quality sleep is not merely a luxury—it’s a cornerstone of metabolic health and behavioral well-being. Inadequate or disrupted sleep can disrupt hormonal balances, particularly those that regulate hunger and appetite, leading to increased cravings and eventual weight gain. On the flip side, a regular sleep schedule supports your body’s ability to metabolize food efficiently and maintain energy balance throughout the day.

Catch Your Zzzs, Control Your Weight

Melatonin struggling because the person whose bedroom he is in is not dark

Not sleeping in the dark, might be making you FAT

You’re a regular Jo, most nights, you climb into bed and ……………you’re off to dreamland. Sleep issues don’t explain your weight problems. Not so fast.

Fat cells creeping out whilst a women sleeps

If you don’t include this in your diet – you won’t lose fat

You’re on diet, but eating healthy and exercising is time consuming. Something has to give, cutting down on sleep won’t make much difference. Will it ?

Fat cell melting as the light streams through a window

Want to be skinny – step into the light EARLY

A dose of bright light, before noon, might be just what you need to be lighter on your toes, timing of exposure to light impacts weight.

Looking through the window of two houses.  One house has a working Mom  who is busy feeding her child. The other, the little one is already fast asleep

Why being a working Mom puts your child at risk of childhood obesity

It’s got nothing to do with dietary habits, meal time routines, frequency of family meals, time spent watching TV or physical activity, the problem is…..

The change of shifts in the liver.  Day time enzymes leave, night time enzymes arrive.

Proper staff management the secret to avoiding accumulating excess fat

When the right workers are on the job, things run pretty smoothly but keeping fat production running smoothly in the liver requires tight supervision.

Person who is sleep deprived going out to get take out.

You’ll eat better if you sleep better

Home cooked meals tend to be healthier than the grab in a bag meals served by fast food joints. But if you’re sleep deprived, you’re often too tired to cook.

Tired man falling in love with an ice cream

Are your tired eyes causing you to crave sugar ?

When you’re feeling tired and grumpy, you have to deliberately flip the self control switch to act SWEET, turns out, it is also needed to avoid eating sugar.

The sleep fairy keeping a little girl who is sleeping safe from fat cell invasions

Early to bed is the secret to raising a skinny child

Many kids view going to sleep as some kind of punishment – whining and wailing to stay up a little longer. Do you give in to “keep the peace” ?

Tired fat cell not responding to insulin knocking on the window

Tired cells don’t hear insulin knocking

Cells that have not had a good night’s sleep, struggle to hear the knock-knock of insulin, so they don’t respond appropriately leading to metabolic troubles.

Sugar molecules jumping up and down on the bed as a women reads late into the night

A sleepless night stirs up insulin resistance in the healthy

Sleeping for 4 hours instead of 8, is enough to alter insulin sensitivity. Cells in a body short changed of sleep are a lot less responsive to insulin.

Content fat cells sleeping in

Sleeping in means fattening up

Weight loss schedules focus on eating less and moving more, sleep is seldom factored into the weight loss equation. Your bedtime and wake up impact your weight.

Insulin changing the time on the liver clock

Why midnight feasts cause bigger hips

If you eat, when you should be asleep, the enzymes contracted to work the night shift clock in for work, but they don’t do the work, so fat burning ceases.

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