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You can give your baby’s gut a helping hand with getting the sticky green meconium goo out, this will help your baby avoid neonatal jaundice.
New born babies have a smell. Women notice it. Mom’s respond to it. They respond, with delight. Researchers speculate this helps mom and baby connect
If, during the process of swaddling, the hips are inadvertently shifted forward, baby ends up being aligned incorrectly – causing hip dysplasia and other snags.
After feeding, your baby spits up a big mouthful onto you or the floor. The spitting is followed by CRYING. The spitting and crying is taking its toll on you………………..
If you think a newborn baby IS a sleep disrupting machine, without an OFF button, think again…….
.Parents who clean their child’s dummy by sucking it, are three times less likely to suffer from eczema. It’s a germ thing…..
Being pregnant is an expanding process. Fortunately with a little effort, you return to your former shape and size, well almost, your feet WILL be bigger.
Does it feel like your baby is keeping you awake deliberately ? You’re right. The NEED for night feeds is programmed into some babies by their Daddy’s genes.
Tucked away inside Mom, a baby is germ free. But once they move out into the REAL WORLD, the situation changes and who moves in, MATTERS.

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