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Nitric Oxide

Quick summary of the science  :

Nitric oxide is a gasotransmitter, which is produced by your body.  Nitric oxide production involves different enzyme isoforms and non-enzymatic pathways. It is a highly reactive molecule and  participates in virtually every cellular and organ function in the body.  Among it's most notable roles, is it acts as a vasodilator i.e. it causes blood vessels  to widen.   

Posts related to the importance of nitric oxide, along with strategies, to maximize the beneficial effects of nitric oxide, to create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY

Swooshing, stops the conversion of nitrate to nitrite by the bacteria living in your mouth – since nitrite help dilate blood vessels, your blood pressure rises
When you’re insulin resistant, sugar can’t leave the blood, because the glucose gates, normally used by the sugar molecules, are missing. Gate moving needs…
Your blood pressure is UP. Your instinct says, this CAN be fixed, with a little sun, sea and surf. You’re half right. All you need is the sun, to destress
In the insulin resistant, its thought that insulin arrives at the cell’s glucose gate, but the gate doesn’t open. What if insulin never makes it to the gate ?
When skeletal muscles, know insulin is coming, they move their GLUT4 gates from the periphery to front and centre, with the gates in place, glucose gets in.
The cells lining the sinus cavity defend themselves through nitric oxide production. By humming - you can boost nitric oxide levels, shore-ing up the defences
When a heart attack strikes, the nitric oxide battery is the key to calming the panic and getting oxygen to the tissue minimizing damage. To charge your battery - move.
Downing a glass of nitrate laden beetroot juice is a great tasting way to naturally decrease blood pressure and boost oxygen supplies.
Heart disease arises when the cells lining your blood vessels, lose their groove. But you can give them back their groove by listening to music.
Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) do solve the heartburn problem in the moment, at a price………… an increased risk of having a heart attack.
The odds of surviving a heart attack are better if your serum cholesterol levels are sky high because heart damage is reduced
Being obese unwinds the molecular rhythms of the cardiovascular system. Resetting the clock to the rhythm of the sun might just fix the heart.

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