Oral Health

(Chewing, spitting & smiling)

Quick summary of the science :

The mouth is more than just the entry point for food; it’s a complex environment,  home to a diverse community of microbes and tissues, far beyond just teeth and gums.  The mouth is where crucial processes like chewing, saliva production, and muscle movements occur, each playing a pivotal role in overall health.

Keeping this dynamic ecosystem in harmony is essential, as its disruption can have wide-ranging effects on body chemistry

Saliva is down front page of Prezi in Ups and Downs of insulin resistance

Saliva in the “Ups and Downs” of insulin resistance

When you’re insulin resistance the quantity and quality of saliva, you’re producing, is altered – this has bigger health consequences, than a bit of dry mouth.

Bacteria peeking from the back of the throat

Swooshing with mouth wash will increase your blood pressure

Swooshing, stops the conversion of nitrate to nitrite by the bacteria living in your mouth – since nitrite help dilate blood vessels, your blood pressure rises

Man with his mouth wide open

Why brushing your teeth is good for your heart

Good oral hygiene may do more than protect you from becoming a toothless wonder, it might be the key to avoiding a heart attack by precluding killer clots

Dentist implanting a golden tooth

Could your teeth be impacting your sugar levels?

Research suggests your BITE i.e. missing and/or misaligned teeth could  be doing more than just giving you a crooked smile, they could be contributing to type 2 diabetes.

Clock gripping colon and shaking it

Chew away your constipation with morning bites

Thanks to the fact that two nerves cross in your head, a bout of serious chewing, can give your colon a kick in the pants, bringing relief from constipation.

Older man sucking up spaghetti but spilling it in the process

It’s time to send your lip muscles to boot camp

Your lip muscles play a pivotal role in eating and breathing and just like the rest of the muscles in your body, they’re subject to aging…….

Bacteria riding a dummy / pacifier

A squeaky clean dummy is not what your baby REALLY needs

Parents who clean their child’s dummy by sucking it, are three times less likely to suffer from eczema. It’s a germ thing…..

Muscles pushing an overly large tongue

Sleep apnea is not caused by big bellies, but by big tongues

A big tongue is BIGGER. And bigger means it is going to take more effort to lift the tongue out of the way so that the airway remains open while you’re sleeping.

Brain contemplatively chewing

Chewing your food keeps the kilograms at bay

Make an effort to grind, gnaw, chomp and squash that mouthful before swallowing, doing so ensures the brain gets the “I am full” message loud and clear.

Women wearing a watch that is counting her bites

Stop counting steps and start counting bites

Snacking happens whilst we’re doing something else, so it often escapes our consciousness. Bite counting is a way to beat mindless eating and weight gain.

Pair of baby lips being coached by breast to do stretches

Want to put your baby on the fast track to being a smooth talker ?

Being a smooth talker requires a super fit mouth – breastfeeding gives your baby’s mouth a muscle building workout, but dummy sucking leaves the mouth slothful

Older lady riding a heart like a bronco with ball of chewing flying behind her

How to easily pick up your walking pace

As you age, your walking rhythm slows down, but an anatomical quirk, connects your mouth with your toes…….so if you walk and chew, you’ll walk as fast as you chew

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