Better body chemistry for wanna be Moms

better body chemistry for wanna be moms

Put ear plugs in your pituitary gland to hear lullaby melodies

ear plugs blocking insulin noiseHormone imbalances are often to blame for infertility.  But, the problem hormone is frequently not a female hormone, but insulin. Insulin is consistently implicated in infertility, especially in women who are carrying a few extra pounds.

But how does a metabolic hormone manage to influence the reproductive system ?

Eggs are released from the ovary, but getting the egg good to go, and giving it the final heave ho out of the ovary, into the fallopian tube, is actually controlled from the brain. The part of the brain controlling the process is the pituitary gland or “master” gland.

Gonadotrophs, are the special cells within the pituitary, that kick start ovarian development with a blast of luteinizing hormone.  Too little or too much, both interfere with the egg release.

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What has gone wrong in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) ?

pancreas breaking down because of overworkPolycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS for short, boils down to the body going through the motions to produce an egg each month, but when all is said and done, the egg does not actually hop out of the ovary and move down the fallopian tube.

Since the egg stays tucked away in the ovarian palace, falling pregnant is a major challenge. The poor old sperm arrive in the tube after a long arduous swim to find no princess.

PCOS is the number one reason for infertility.

So why is the body going through the motions, but not actually delivering the goods.

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Baby boom for mice requires the lights to be off

mouse air hostessTick, tock, tick, tock……

The clock most women are worried about is the biological clock. Mother Nature only keeps the baby factory open for a short window of time – it is tough to get an education, build a career and conceive a family all before the age of 35.

But, the ticking of the biological clock, is not the only time piece wanna-be Moms need to keep an eye on. Wall clocks are ticking in the fertility game too.

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Reproductive technologies can service the clock but it’s still ticking

your eggs are as old as your ovariesWe all know, time ALWAYS passes – sometimes slowly, sometimes in a flash, but it is impossible to STOP TIME. Time travel only happens in dreams and the movies………..

The biological clock is ALWAYS ticking

The body clock is also ALWAYS ticking. How fast it ticks depends on a combination of genetics and environment. Both our experiences and behaviours influence the speed at which the clock ticks, but it only stops ONCE.

Modern medicine can help service the clock, even sometimes jump start it when it stops prematurely, BUT…………… the clock is ALWAYS ticking.

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Is too much sugar to blame for the rise in infertility ?

liver being distracted by fructoseMost of us “see” the connection, between too much sugar and weight troubles. But too much sugar can also cause hormone hang ups. This is the finding of a group of researchers from the University of British Columbia – who describe how too much sugar, disrupts the body’s sex hormone transporting system.

The liver is probably the most under appreciated organ systems in the body – it quite literally is the cook and bottle washer of the body.  Job number one, is to process everything we consume , whether it be animal, vegetable or chemical. In addition to processing the chemicals coming in, it is also has to supply all the other cells in the body with the chemicals they need, in order to function optimally.

The job of supplying chemicals, requires a fleet of transporters (proteins) to whisk things around.

Too much sugar causes the liver to be overwhelmed.

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Longing to fall pregnant ?  The baby business depends on you having good body chemistry. Want to discover more ways to create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY ?

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