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 Beta cells - pancreas

Quick summary of the science  :

Beta cells are specialized cells, inside the pancreas, that produce, store and release insulin.   Beta cell failure results in a diagnosis of diabetes.  

Preserving beta cell function, should be the goal of anyone with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes

When an iron pump in the pancreas runs full steam for too long, beta cells die and diabetes begins. Turning the pump down, is enough to stop diabetes. 
Your dustbin men sit tight, when you’re insulin resistant. So cleaning up barely happens. Wastes pile up and this has health consequences - diabetes, CVD, NASH
A pancreas chock full of beta cells is going to be less likely to succumb to diabetes. Genes, lifestyle and …………..BACTERIA shape pancreas development
High sugar levels send a requisition to the pancreas for more insulin. Pumping out large quantities of insulin leads to beta cell death causing type 2 diabetes
Pancreatic clocks tick better when spend time in the dark. Unfortunately, being IN THE DARK, doesn’t always happen, light at night is commonplace.
To throw the roof raising party, you need lots of serotonin, inside the pancreas. To make serotonin, inside the pancreas, you need the raw ingredients ….

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