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 Better Body Chemistry for Party Animals

Tips & strategies to enjoy every moment of the party

A little alcohol puts you in party mood, but too much is dangerous

Only normal brain cells sober up after an alcohol soaking, neuronal stem cells tend to succumb, leaving you short on neuron replacement capabilities. 
Drinking alcohol feels good, thanks to a boost in dopamine, but it also makes your brain sleepy, so sleepy that it is too tired to breath.
To enjoy the rides in the brain’s NUCLEAR ACCUMBENS THEME PARK, you need dopamine tokens. The more you have, the more fun you’ll have up to a point. 

Too much happens when.....

you add caffeine

The alcohol turns your brain off. Caffeine turns the circuits on. Discover what is going on in the brain when alcohol and caffeine are mixed.

you change locations

You’re ready for a night on the town – FUN, FUN, FUN. To enjoy the FUN without compromising your body chemistry, try to have ALL the FUN in one location.

you're dieting

Diet cold drinks are an easy way cut calories, BUT as you diligently cut those calories in your favourite drink, you inadvertently load up the alcohol levels.

the glass is wrong

So when you order that whiskey and lemonade be sure to ask for it in a straight sided glass if you want to avoid spending the night on the floor.

you think positive

This week’s Neurotechnology Tip will help you take off those rose coloured beer glasses, so you’re clear on the good, the bad and the ugly 

you can't sleep

Watch how much alcohol you consume before bed, too much will keep your heart working hard all night so the sleep you catch won’t do you much good.

You're depleted

If you find yourself often attracted to that bottle of booze, because the stresses and strains of life have left you feeling flat, try a fishy pick me up.

Help for when it happens

Bats don’t have access to aspirin and silencing a thousand shrieking neighbours is not an option. So what does a bat do when it eats fermenting fruit ?

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