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Ultra-processed food

Quick summary of the science  :

Ultra-processed foods, are food and drink products, that have undergone high levels of manipulation e.g. extrusion, molding, milling etc.  These foods are designed to be "convenient, eaten on the go, hyper-palatable and appealing to consumers”, they  have not  been designed with health in mind. They tend to  be high in sugar, artificial ingredients, refined carbohydrates and fats.  Consumption of ultra processed foods, is associated with poor health outcomes.

Posts related to the hazards and pervasiveness of processed foods.


Microbial transglutaminases are pop up in everything………. from pastries, to polony, but they’re not listed as an ingredient. Maybe it’s time they should be ?
If you’re weight watching, the question to ask about a food, is not, what is the carb count, but what is it’s texture. Soft foods, aka processed foods, are driving obesity
The WHO is committed to make the world trans fat free, by REPLACING trans fats, with alternative products by 2023. How safe are these alternative fats ?
If you want to make a mouse fat, just feed it MORE FAT. But fat is now not supposed to make you fat, so what gives ? These high fat diets are missing something
Human babies consuming raw cow’s milk, suffer from a lot less runny noses, fevers, ear aches, coughs and up set tummies than babies drinking boxed milk.
Traditionally oats came as flakes, now days, they often come as flour – the benefit, they’re faster to prepare, but they’re also faster to assimilate and this, matters
Modern food processing techniques mean we’re increasingly eating fake food. The extra and missing ingredients in our diet are making us fat and sick.
Despite their cholesterol “benefits”, soybean oils have been shown to be obesogenic and diabetogenic in rodent systems……… what is the problem ?
Among the nutrients in milk is iodine. If you are using a milk substitute, you’re getting pretty close to no iodine. Iodine shortages cause health issues….

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