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 Better Body Chemistry with salt

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Skin cells, work closely with the immune cells to keep the border closed. The same techniques humans use, to keep unwanted bacteria out……. THEY PICKLE THEM
After vigorous exercise rehydrating is important but beware drinking water is replacing the water not the sodium. Too little sodium can also kill.
Salty snacks may be acceptable as long as you tame the salt thirst with good old fashioned water but don’t drink too much and be cautious if you have a spare tyre already.....
Salt overloaders / salt addicts, may not be driven by a liking for the taste of salt but by a need to drown out other tastes.
H.pylori lives peacefully in the gut but expose it to salt and it turns into a “psychotic” burner causing painful ulcers. Tame that burn by cutting the salt.
The louder the background noise, the more bland the food tastes. So try turning down the stereo if you want to eat less salt !
Sodium does cause the blood pressure to rise but mother nature is quite capable of “handling” this rise – provided you’re not salt sensitive
A low salt diet causes insulin resistance in everyone. Granted in salt sensitive’s, it lowers blood pressure, but more insulin resistance is never heart healthy
A bowl of salty soup, will send your blood pressure up. If you’re salt sensitive, this is a reason to worry. But, you can speed up your biology, to avoid the problem….

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