Better Body Chemistry while shopping

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 Better Body Chemistry when shopping

Tips & strategies to shop “healthy”

Pay cash
Are you an impulsive purchaser ? Paying cash, will help you limit the number of unhealthy items that land in your grocery basket.
Read the labels
If you’re one of those people who actually reads the food label, good news your somewhat eccentric habit is probably making you skinnier…
Buy big
The single serve package is just an innocent pleasure, but the bite size morsel causes a dopamine spike bringing very pleasurable feelings, so you have another.
Eat before you shop
The brain has taken out a little insurance against fussy eaters. If you are hungry enough, or just a little hungry – all food looks good, thanks to ghrelin.
Don’t fall for it
A product with an organic label is not automatically superhealthy. An organic cookie is still a cookie and too many cookies are never good for you.
Look away
Cereal boxes are positioned so that their spokes “character” makes eye contact with your kids. And catching their eye, makes YOU more likely to BUY.
Clean the bag
Everytime you hit the store, you fish out your eco-friendly grocery bag and fill it up. Big question, do you ever wash it out when you’re done ?
Beware of till slips
Cash register receipts are not just bits of paper, recording your shopping sprees, they’re covered in BPA, which moves onto you, when you use a hand sanitizer
Luxury therapy works
Luxury therapy maximizes body chemistry so go ahead, wander the isles looking for things that are frivolous, high quality, expensive – then buy them.

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