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Quick summary of the science  :

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It acts as a protective layer between the insides and the rest of the world, helps regulate body temperature, acts as a natural filter and is constantly growing. It’s affected by every aspect of our life, by what we eat and the environment.

The skin NEEDS a low pH to function at it’s best. Many of the soaps and lotions, we apply to our skin are ALKALINE – these products thus compromise skin health
Judge your skin products, not by their fragrance or appearance, nor by the place in which they are sold, but by their pH. The more acidic, the better.
Skin cancer is a growing problem, since our ancestors didn’t use sun block, how did they not succumb to damaging UV rays ? Their secret – protective skin residents.
Any time you eat or drink a high carb snack, your sugar level will rise, temporarily – if this happens often enough, you’ll look old before your time
Arsenic, cadmium, lead and mecury are everywhere – so exposure is unavoidable. So when you’ve been exposed, how do you get rid of them, naturally ?
The secret to a healthy skin colour is not to bake in the sun for hours BUT in eating tomoato puree and carrot soup.
Sagging skin is an outward sign of a collagen short fall. A collagen shortage extends beyond the outlayer to your bones. More wrinkles means less bone.
So what should a leader look like ? Being tall dark and handsome – will help. But, actually one of the biggest things people look for – is how healthy you look.
Skin cells, work closely with the immune cells to keep the border closed. The same techniques humans use, to keep unwanted bacteria out……. THEY PICKLE THEM
All things being equal, babies who experience skin-to-skin contact with Mom in the delivery room are more likely to be, breast feeders
Do it in the morning. The sun’s intensity is pretty similar at both ends of the day, but your biology is different.
Skin stem cells are your personal beauty therapists, taking care of the daily skin wear and tear, so as to preserve your beauty, but they only work at night

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