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Tips & strategies to help you sleep better

Prayer time is time to be grateful. Researcers have found, people who are more grateful when climbing into bed, are better sleepers.
If SLEEP eludes you, do a head count of who is in the bedroom. Sharing your bedroom with your pets, can end up impacting the quality of your sleep.
If you want to avoid a sleepless night, you need melatonin to tuck you into bed, but your night valet is technophobic – so dim that mobile device at bedtime.
We rock babies to sleep but as grown ups we graduate from the swaying crib to a rigid padded board – ever wondered why as adults we ditch the moving bed ?
If you want to have sweet dreams, set yourself up by ensuring your brain receives only pleasant odours during the night.
An intervention designed to help self confessed insomniacs sleep better has been found to be effective, cheap and safe in a 16 week clinical trial.
To fall asleep, your brain needs time to wind down following any stimulating activity – your bedtime routine can make it more pleasant or terrible
Electronic devices spit blue light. Since………… light is something that in nature, is a morning thing, you’re more likely to have trouble falling asleep.
On second thoughts, just aim for an office with a window. Office workers with a window sleep better, more sleep means a happier and healthier life.
Watch how much alcohol you consume before bed, too much will keep your heart working hard all night so the sleep you catch won’t do you much good.
Researchers have tinkered in the laboratory to create a brain cooling machine which gets insomniacs falling asleep and staying asleep like regular sleepers.
You climbed into bed timeously BUT…. sleep was elusive. Why ? You need to add a new troublemaker to the list of dream stealers… the moon

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