Sound bites

listen to vitamin D conservation plan

Episode 264 – Vitamin D conservation plan

You’ve got a built in vitamin D conservation plan, that keeps your vitamin D status, SUFFICIENT – even in the middle of a freezing cold winter, in the Northern latitudes.

listen to appetite suppressing glasses

Episode 263 – Appetite suppressing glasses

Avoiding eye contact with chocolate fudge sundae, is helpful,  but there is more to “watching” than meets the eye.  Appetite control begins with the eyes.

listen to saturated fat unpacked

Episode 262 : Truth about saturated fat

High fatty acid levels are risky….. you’d think eating a diet high in saturated fats, would amplify the problem, it doesn’t, it does just the opposite.


listen choline bubble wrap

Episode 261 :  Bubble wrap shortages cause NAFLD

Each droplet of fat, is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap so that the high energy fat molecules don’t cause a fire, but in obesity, you’re often “on fire”.

listen benefits of eating protein

Episode 260 :  Benefits of eating protein

Believe it or not, your ability to put away sugar – INCREASES !  But despite this improvement, your glucose levels, won’t take a dip. It’s all thanks to glucagon

listen lower triglyceride levels

Episode 259 : How to lower your triglycerides

Fat can be burned or distributed & stored – where it ends up, depends on which train track, the lipid droplet is loaded onto to……..turns out, the hoghead can be bribed