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   Phytoestrogens  (soy protein)

Quick summary of the science  :

Phytoestrogens are plant derived compounds found in a wide variety of foods, most notably soy. They exert an estrogen-like action on the body.  Both too little and too much estrogen can be problematic.  As a rule, small amounts of soy are not an issue, but large amounts can be. 

Soy is not a health food - contains hormones that can interfere with your health.

The sex hormones are involved in tweaking brain development, turning a baby’s brain into a little girl brain. The phytoestrogens in soy, disturb this process.
Tumour talk turns nasty in breast cancer cells, when women with breast cancer, sip on soy shakes.
A baby being fed soy-based formula is being exposed to 13 000 – 22 000 times more “estrogen” than normal, at a time when the brain and body is still developing.
Phytoestrogens chemically speaking, look a lot like the estrogen. Soy isoflavones may look the part but they’re not performing well as bone protectors. 
We’ve been programmed to believe soy is a health food, but as far sperm are concerned, the lady of the soy bean wreaks havoc on sperm counts

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