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Dr Sandy’s events are known for “aha moments,” gasps of surprise, lots of laughs, personal conviction, immediately practical applications.   

Her presentations…..


She teaches the underlying biological principles of what it takes to BE HEALTHY. This is powerful, because understanding “THE WHY” behind something, helps people take action. Let’s face it, no one likes to be told what to do.


She uses cartoons and humour in her presentations. This is important, because information on being healthy is not a passion for most people. Boring powerpoint slides, telling you to EAT LESS & MOVE MORE are not inspiring.


She includes practical tips and strategies. This is a must have, because it is easy to get overwhelmed. Knowing the small things, that can make a big difference to your health, is enabling.


The information Dr Sandy presents, is cutting edge science. Every day, new scientific discoveries are made, incorporating these into health advice, means better health.


Supporting material, in the form of handouts and on-line videos, accompanies the presentation. You’ll want this, because being able to recap, refresh and review, helps to bring about change.

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Popular Topics

Dr Sandy gives the option of delivering these topics, as a formal keynote address


in a more informal and practical presentation/workshop format.

Customized workshops and presentations available on request.

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