Better Body Chemistry for Coke Lovers

You’re putting on weight & feeling a bit flat and tired……… you know your health is sliding.  It’s not in free fall, but you need to do SOMETHING.  But going on another diet feels like too much work. And pointless.  The last diet you went on you lost a few pounds and OMG !  all the pounds you lost are back now, with a few extra.  You don’t have the head space right now to eat lettuce leaves and pound the pavement.  You LOVE “eating and drinking” too much to endure a week or six of deprivation.  You want to have your cake and eat it.  Yes…….. you could switch out some of your favourites for DIET versions.  But, they’re not the same and besides, you read on the internet artificial sweeteners are bad for you.

What if I told you there was a way to drink that Coke (or any other sugar laden beverage you choose) and mitigate the health risks.

Interested ?


Coke is still on the menu.

No need to drink water or an artificially sweetened version of your favourite beverage.

No need to run on the treadmill for an hour to burn off the extra calories you’ve consumed.

The BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY for Coke Lovers will show you how to still enjoy ice cold coke this summer while mitigating the health harms that go with sugar laden beverages.


But, if you understand the biology that is unleashed when you down a glass of coke, you can swing things in your favour.

With minimum effort.

Yes……….. you can have your cake and eat it.

And the great thing about this strategy is it will work whatever age you are.

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This means if you’re a Mom trying hard to keep your kids HEALTHY, but fighting the marketing departments of big corporates makes you feel like an Ogre and it stings when your child declares you

“The uncoolest Mom in the neighbourhood”.

Your kids can still have the “Coke” as long as……..


They adhere to the BIOLOGICAL RULES.

You can apply the principle to other summer sweet treats too.

Think ice cream

The Better Body Chemistry for Coke Lovers will help you use science to  make this SUMMER the best summer ever, from a health perspective.
You’ll still be able to cool off with your favourite sugar laden beverage but because you’ll know how to leverage your biology………

The impact on your health will be minimal.

The Better Body Chemistry for Coke Lovers will help you use science to  make this SUMMER the best summer ever, from a health perspective.

And it’s easy !

You won’t need tons of WILLPOWER to make it work.

You’ll wonder why health gurus aren’t shouting this from the roof top.

For the record, they don’t know.  

It’s cutting edge science.

 You’ll have the inside scoop.  

Implementing this now, will not only help you have a healthy summer, it has the potential to change your health trajectory FOREVER.

There is no shortage of science linking sugar laden beverage consumption will health troubles.

journal articles on health risks of sugar sweetened beverages

They make you fat, give you fatty liver,  they increase your risk of diabetes, they even contribute to gout and bad teeth.

You need to know how to mitigate the risk ! 

Normally $ 29 but FREE inside the SUMMERBUNDLE.

What’s inside :

Live workshop
If you can’t make it live, you’ll get the recording
Fun posters
To remind you what to do as you build your new habit
21 days of e-mail support 
Science resources
So you can geek out if you want to


Access to Weight Loss E-course

Worth $ 49

enrol is zero to one course

Why should you trust me ?

Selfie of Dr Sandy

Here is a quick introduction about me so you can decide if I am someone you want to listen to.  I have  PhD in pharmacology and I taught at various tertiary institutions for years, before setting out on my own as a health blogger.  What sparked  the move away for the formal academic world was my own health crisis.  I had a nervous breakdown, literally a nerve in my eye packed up, leaving me with double vision.  As I looked into the science, in search of answers………….. I discovered that most of the information pertaining to health is WRONG.  Sometimes it’s just out of date, the science has moved on.  Sometimes the science has actually been there for years, but it didn’t fit the paradigm – so it went UN-NOTICED.   Or put another way.  No one could make money out of it, so it was  forgotten/swept under the rug.  When I got my own health more or less back on track, I felt motivated to share the information with others and founded BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY, where I inspire and empower ordinary people from all around the world to make the small lifestyle changes that help them create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER HEALTH. 

On an average day I spend 2-3 hours exploring scientific journals looking for “answers” to what causes insulin resistance and how to fix it.  I take the science that I discover and simplify it, so that it is accessible to ordinary people.  Science is always moving and changing as new things are discovered. I believe that the answer to the vast majority of our health troubles lies in THE BIOLOGY.  And that if you understand the principles, you can find solutions.