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 Suppressing those post-prandial sugar spikes 

Tips & strategies to minimize sugar spikes

Eat left overs

You’ve got an Italian gene or two………YOU LOVE PASTA. But, your body is NOT A BIG FAN – it’s metabolically challenged. Here is an easy to apply trick to eat Italian

use plant hormones

Insulin is not the only way to get glucose gates up in fat cells, turns out, a common plant hormone, abscisic acid, can do the job too, exploit this….

Always have 2 courses

You know you should cut back on your carb consumption, but you love them. You can have your carbs and avoid sugar spikes, if you play with the timing.

Have meat with your potatoes

Believe it or not, your ability to put away sugar – INCREASES ! But despite this improvement, your glucose levels, won’t take a dip. It’s all thanks to glucagon

 Dip your tongue in a little acid

Consume starches with something acid. By dropping the pH of your stomach, sooner, rather than later, you put the digestion of the starch on hold – avoiding sugar spikes. 

Wine & dine 
(in moderation)

A glass of wine is able to slow things down in the gut, reducing the angst faced by your liver, as all the calories you’ve just consumed coming rushing in

Go old school

Traditionally oats came as flakes, now days, they often come as flour – the benefit, they’re faster to prepare, but they’re also faster to assimilate and this, matters

choose slow carbs

Low-fat food items, contain the same amount of sugar as their full fat counterparts, sometimes a little more and it’s the sugar which makes you fat


The sugar spike caused by the food you eat, has very little to do with the food per se, it’s got more to do with you and who you’re living with.

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