Sugar Gremlin buster
Ever wished you could find a way to Tame your Sugar Gremlin ?
Without having to activate truck loads of WILLPOWER or swallow a multitude of special CONCOCTIONS.
You know your SUGAR MUNCHING habits are not a recipe for optimum health and you’re always FULL of remorse following a SUGAR BINGE. 
You’re not ready to give up sugar TOTALLY.  
But, you’re sick and tired of being a SLAVE to your sugar cravings and long to feel in control of what you’re eating.    

Tame your Sugar Gremlin


You don’t need to have lots of willpower to do this

Believe it or not, your sugar gremlin  is a gift Mother Nature has bestowed on you, to make sure you always have enough fuel to run the show.

You’re not going to obliterate your sugar gremlin – it is HARDWIRED into your brain.

But once you understand how your sugar gremlin thinks – it is a lot easier to OUTWIT IT

With a little ……

candy floss headline
The CANDY FLOSS SYSTEM™  teaches you to outsmart your sugar gremlin, by providing you with strategies and techniques, which are relatively easy to implement. Each strategy is based on science, not hype or positive thinking.   Implementing these ideas will  give you back the power.  

To Tame your sugar gremlin

women swatting sugar gremlin

You do not need to spend a fortune on expensive pills  that suppress your appetite. 

Nor do you need to feel deprived and subsist on lettuce leaves and green tea.   

You will need an open mind and a willingness to do things a little bit different to the way you’ve always done it.   It is not all about food, but you will need to choose your bites wisely.

No nutrition degree required. In fact, it would probably be a liability. Lol !

So are you ready to …..

Tame your Sugar Gremlin

There are 10 weapons you can use to BUST your SUGAR GREMLIN



While at the same time “FIXING” the biology driving the cravings

Inside the CANDY FLOSS system :

  • You will have access to a series of animated videos presenting the latest science which uncovers how sugar gremlins operate. The videos will provide you with core concepts and the “how to” that you need to “tame” your sugar gremlin.
  • Worksheets, charts and exercises will help you apply the theory when you’re wheeling down the shopping aisles, preparing meals and packing lunchboxes.
  • If bandwidth is a problem, the material can be downloaded as an mp3 with an accompanying powerpoint slide set, there will also be an illustrated complete transcript, to help you review the material.
  • And you’ll have access to a tight-knit online community of fellow sugar addicts, to trade advice, experience and recipes and get personalized advice from me.
  • Study at your own pace, you will have continuous access to lessons for as long as the site remains active, as well as access to updates and additional resources as they become available

Tame your Sugar Gremlin

Your price today $ 97

NB. You don’t need to have lots of willpower to do this



tame your sugar gremlin

Week 1

introduction to candy floss system

Meet your monster

In the introductory lesson, you will meet your mischievous sugar gremlin, face-to-face.  Fortunately,  sugar gremlins are not that BIG or BAD, but you do need to adjust your thinking to outmanoeuvre them.  So we will kick off with an overview of the CANDY FLOSS system and get you psyched to take on and defeat your sugar gremlin. 
Once you’ve completed this module, you’ll be ready to take up arms against your sugar gremlin.  Each week, for the next 10  weeks, you will learn about a weapon which you can deploy, to weaken your sugar gremlin’s power.  The lesson will cover the science behind the tool, so you understand why, when and how to use it against your sugar gremlin.

Week 2

Cut the carbs
This is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal,  because too many carbs create oxidative stress, which kickstarts the bad body chemistry cycle.  It is this defective cycle that  leaves you desperately feeding yourself a sugar snack, to stave off the sugar craving, which only provides you with  a momentary respite, before  you’re reaching for another sugar snack, to stave off, another sugar craving.

Week 3

Add the protein fat and fibre
If you’re cutting the carbs, you’ve got to replace them with something or you’ll still be starving.  Strategically plugging the hole, with foods that make you FEEL FULL, is the most effective strategy to fight off those  “I am hungry” cries.

Week 4

Nap all night
When the lights go down and the neighbourhood is quiet, sugar gremlins come out to play.  You need to lock those doors and windows and hide under the covers.  Sometimes the easiest way to win a fight, is to avoid contact.

Week 5

Dine dont graze
Sugar gremlins flitter, they’re too busy getting up to mischief, to sit down for a good dinner. A powerful way to silence your gremlin, is to invite it to a BIG FANCY dinner.

Week 6

Yank and yodel
Sugar gremlins are actually gym bunnies – they love to get you pushing and pulling, so you can justify that Chocolate McFlurry™.   If you can’t manage to yodel, whilst you’re yanking those muscles,  you’re working up a sweat to FEED your sugar gremlin, it’s time to disarm it.

Week 7

Fill up on non-edible feel goods
Your brain has its own fun theme park packed full of exhilarating FUN rides, taking one of these rides  makes you FEEL FABULOUS.   Sugar addicts routinely use a dollop of sugar to buy tickets, but sugar is not the only way to get in the magical kingdom, there are other ways to buy tickets.

Week 8

What does a sugar gremlin order to drink ?   Your sugar gremlin will definitely gets a  buzz from anything in a can, but it’s likely to be leery when you’re ordering coffee or a margarita.

Week 9

Observe your emotional triggers
No two sugar gremlins are exactly alike.  Some are permanently bored and tired, while others are a nervous wreck.  Most sugar gremlins are creatures of habit.  Understanding your sugar gremlins little idiosyncrasies, will help you put your foot down when it cries out for a sugar munchies.

Week 10

Sizzle then slow dance
Sugar gremlins live in the fast lane, but they can’t always take the HEAT.  So you can knock the wind right out of them by heating things up and then taking it slow.

Week 11

Sink the saboteurs
If you think the world is out to get you…..  You’re RIGHT.   You sugar gremlin has formed alliances with chemicals both inside your body and outside.  You need to be on your guard for these malicious saboteurs which can easily sink your efforts to Tame your Sugar Gremlin.  Forewarned is forarmed !

Week 12

That’s a wrap. 
In this lesson we will finally contemplate how a little psychology, in conjunction with biology can keep your Sugar Gremlin, UNDER YOUR THUMB. Lol !   

Tame your Sugar Gremlin

Your price today $ 97

Let’s FLATTEN the little guy and create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER HEALTH.

Your price today $ 97

riding down your sugar gremlin

Tame your Sugar Gremlin

Your price today $ 97