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Testosterone is a vital hormone primarily produced in the testicles for males and the ovaries and adrenal glands for females. As an androgen, it plays a crucial role in the development of male physical characteristics, such as muscle strength, bone density, and body hair. However, it also contributes to overall health and well-being in both sexes, influencing mood, energy levels, and sexual function.

Testosterone levels in males peak during adolescence and early adulthood, driving critical developmental changes like muscle growth and voice deepening. As men age, these levels naturally decrease, this decline can sometimes result in a condition known as low testosterone, or “low T,” which is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, reduced libido, and mood changes. Recognizing and addressing low T is essential for creating BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY.

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Iron throwing a curve ball into testosterone's groin causing an ouch

Dont’t let iron knockout your manhood

Modern men, take note: Excess iron could be the silent thief of your vitality. Understand the intricate dance between iron and testosterone and reclaim your energy.

hormones in hamburgers

You’re getting a little or hell of a lot of estrogen with that hamburger

Instead of that beef burger, you choose a tofu burger. Did you know, that tofu burger has more estrogen in it, than a hormone replacement pill ?

fat cell painting testosterone pink

Could your fat cells be turning you into half a man ?

Busy fat cells “neutralize” the testosterone squeeze by painting testosterone pink – this STEALS your manhood. Don’t let it happen to you.

Testosterone too tired to lift a weight

Real jocks do it for 8 hours a night

Too little sleep can turn you into a sorry looking wimp with zero get up an go, because sleep deprivation causes testosterone levels to plummet

dad sleeping with baby and an unimpressed testosterone watching from the side

Need help morphing from being A MAN to A DAD ?

Mom’s are hormonally designed to be caring and Dad’s are, well MANLY. Actually, Mother Nature has made a plan to bring out the gentler side of things in Dads.

Testosterone freaked out by the baby in womb

Expectant fathers are undergoing hormonal changes too

Your hormones are swinging…………… leaving you a little unpredictable and moody. Take comfort, your hormones are not the only ones in flux.

Testosterone for girls

The good the bad and the ugly (PCOS)

A piece of bacon helping the egg princess escape the ovary

Do breakfast if you want to help your egg princess escape

Altering WHEN food is around, creates better body chemistry, which helps trapped egg princesses escape the tyranny of their androgen oppressor in PCOS

Moving testosterone around

Sex Hormone binding Globulin (SHBG)

sugar disrupts sex hormone

Is too much sugar to blame for the rise in infertility ?

The connection between too much sugar and weight troubles is well established. But too much sugar is also causing sex hormone hang-ups.

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