Put those carbs

back on your plate

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You're metabolically challenged.

Women with sugars dancing in the background

You KNOW eating carbs is a problem for you.

You SHOULD eliminate them.....


You LOVE your carbs TOO MUCH

to contemplate dinner without them.

Grab the CARB PASS today

Discover 6 ½ tips & strategies that will help keep pasta, bread and potato on your dinner plate

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What you will get :

  • A video lookbook : Documenting scientifically proven strategies that you can easily implement at dinner time, that will help minimize those sugar spikes, so you can lower the sugar hit of your favourite carbs.

  • A cheat sheet :  A one page summary to use as a quick reference.

  • Support : Access to the BODY CHEMISTRY LABORATORY where you can ask questions in our weekly Office Hours call and get help and support implementing these and additional strategies, that will help you create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER HEALTH