I feel like I have spent my whole life dieting. I have struggled with my weight since high school and think I have tried every diet that is out there. I would lose the weight……. stop “dieting” and when I looked round again, I would have picked up all the weight and a little extra.

I began following Dr Sandy on facebook. I enjoyed the cartoons and found the information interesting, but must confess, I didn’t really do anything different, until I was given an opportunity to visit my sister, in England.

It had been several years, since she and her family immigrated and I didn’t want to arrive there looking like a blob.

So, I enlisted the help of Dr Sandy and signed up for her Tame the Sugar Gremlin programme.

We did it in the kitchen, me and my Mom, on two Saturday afternoons, about a month apart.

It wasn’t easy….there was a lot of information and it was especially hard for me, I did virtually no science courses in high school. Dr Sandy’s cartoons really made it understandable.

As I went through the course, things started to click. I realized why some things worked for me and others didn’t. Dr Sandy did not prescribe what I should eat for breakfast, lunch and supper, instead she explained general principles and empowered me to make my own decisions. This made such a difference. Instead of following a restrictive diet, I started to make small changes to the way I did things.

I didn’t always do it her way, but when I “disobeyed”, I noticed my self-control was non-existent. I persisted.

The extra weight came off, slowly. My overall health improved. Most of my friends and family, can’t believe how good I look. And I feel good.

I would definitely recommend the Tame your Sugar Gremlin programme. It changed my life.

The in person programme, is now available as an on-line course.
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