Understanding why you are a hefa-lump

Tackling the extra pounds begins with figuring out exactly what factor(s) have precipitated the accumulation of your extra calories over the years.

At the very fundamental level, you didn’t stick to the equalizing equation i.e.

Calories in = calories out

But where else did the equation breakdown for you

Knowledge is power – knowing the why, equips you to tackle the problem.  You do need to count the calories but correcting the other reasons will help you get rid of those extra pounds.


Did you eat too much ?hungry for nice things


Did you eat the wrong thing(s) ?big thirst



Dpepper burning fatid you not eat the right things ?





mouse eating

Did you eat at the wrong time ?




Was your body hard wired to store fat ?sperm carrying altered fat genes





vitamin D trapped in fat cells

Did you not keep the equipment in running order ?




mouth chasing chewing gum

Did you not use up enough energy ?



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