Vitamin B – niacin, cobalamin

Could too much niacin be causing the obesity epidemic ?

Vitamin B3 (niacin)The obesity epidemic in America really kicked off in the 1980s, the numbers of fat Americans continued to tick upward but it appears to have reached a plateau in the last few years. The number of Americans being diagnosed with diabetes however continues to rise.

The rest of the world has joined the party, so today the problem is not restricted to the developed world, but is global phenomenon affecting both developed and developing countries. In a recent survey, South Africa which is where I live, came in third in the obesity stakes. And both China and India are battling obesity and diabetes epidemics.

Based on the Chinese ecological study, the problem began in the 1970s and has something to do with grain consumption.

What happened in the 1970s to grain ?

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When Intrinsic Factor goes AWOL the vitamin B12 package is not delivered

intrinsic factor carrying vitamin B12 to liverYour body should have a stash of vitamin B12 (cobalamin). Except…. when Intrinsic Factor goes AWOL.

When intrinsic factor goes AWOL, you suffer from pernicious anemia. The reason intrinsic factor fails to show up, is because this gentle giant gets bullied by the immune system, to such an extent, that he dare not show his face. His forced absence means the precious vitamin B12 package is not picked up.

At this stage, no one really knows why the immune system starts attacking the intrinsic factor , instead of the bad guys.

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Unlocking vitamin B12 from your dinner takes an acidic twist

acid is the key to unlock the vitamin B12 packageSo, you’re a serious carnivore – you’ve just enjoyed a piece of steak. Hanging onto your bites of animal protein, is the cobalamin (vitamin B12) package .

It is not loosely attached, it is locked down tight.

The key to wrenching the package off the piece of meat is hydrochloric acid. The acid is able to pop the lock and allow the vitamin B12 package to be slipped off the meat, so it can be transferred to Intrinsic Factor, with the help of a protein that goes by the name, R. Anything that interferes with the acidity in the stomach – blocks this transfer process.

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You need to eat meat NOT potatoes to get your vitamin B12 fix

vitamin B12 being carried by animla proteinVitamins, you know you need them and worry (with a little help from the media), that you may not be getting enough of all of them.

You may be taking a daily multi-vitamin, just to be safe . But multi-vitamins don’t always deliver all the goodies needed e.g. omega-3 is typically absent or they deliver them, but in excess of what you really need.

The vitamin that many people may be missing out on, is cobalamin, better known as Vitamin B12. In the case of vitamin B12, shortages are rarely about “bad” eating habits per se . Most of the time, the shortage of vitamin B12, arises because the vitamin B12 “package” is not being delivered.

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