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 Better Body Chemistry with Vitamin D

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How getting sufficient vit D improves body chemistry

Too much vitamin D, causes FGF23 to panic and this can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, where it matters most, INSIDE cells
You’ve got a built in vitamin D conservation plan, that keeps your vitamin D status, SUFFICIENT – even in the middle of a freezing cold winter, in the Northern latitudes.
Circulating Vitamin D levels are lower than ideal, when you’re insulin resistant – but you might have a lot more vitamin D than you think, it’s stored in fat cells.
Builds bones
It is assumed, young bones automatically have access to bone building ingredients following a bone break, but more often than not..... they don’t. 
Builds muscle
If you’re keen on enjoying fast and furious joy rides into your twighlight years, you need the key to the car. Vitamin D starts the engine to mobility.
Builds baby's brain
The socializing department of the brain isn’t wired correctly in autism, leading to imbalances in serotonin metabolism. Too little vitamin D might be to blame.
Keeps sperm moving
Vitamin D has been shown to improve sperm motility in the lab, so help your boys win the big race and claim the all important prize, with a dose of vitamin D.
Gets baby started
It takes more than a steamy rendezvous to “GET PREGNANT”, the embryo must successfully implant, and then develop, for you to BE PREGNANT.
Keeps muscle moving
Football players who end up benched due to injury consistenly have low vitamin D levels. Is vitamin D the key to avoiding costly muscle injuries ?
Makes you laugh
If you’re feeling blue, stop by the vitamin D comedy club, Vitamin D’s hilarious antics, could help chase away those blues.  
Cleans brains
Vitamin D is involved in normal brain clean up operations but in brain’s besieged by Alzheimer’s, the junk is piling up and vitamin D is in short supply.
Lowers blood pressure
If you have stiffened blood vessels i.e. cardiovascular disease – try a dose the sunshine vitamin (vitamin D) to get them curling and twisting around.

helps you breathe

The lungs are equipped to handle potential intruders, the fumigation process depends on getting enough of the sunshine vitamin....
Inhaled steroids, such as budesnoide, help open up the airways of asthmatic kids allowing them to breathe easier, but they work better in the vit D sufficient
Apes, monkeys and humans all use a vitamin D bug spray to keep their airways free of germs so don’t monkey around load up with vitamin D to beat colds and flu
How much do you need ?
The idea that the modern world is running low on vitamin D is widely accepted, what is debated is what is NORMAL. Massai suggest normal is above 40 ng/ml.
Could you need more vit D ?
Lathering up with soap as you rub and scrub to get clean may result in you washing away more than just the dirt, you could be washing your freshly produced vitamin D down the drain. 
Do you need a lot more ?
Shortages of vitamin D are associated with poor health. Obesity is linked with vitamin D shortages. Is there a connection ?

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