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Water is essential for life. Think of it as a vital nutrient, present in liquids and foods, which regulates a host of physiological functions and it's FUN too.

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Need to make a very important decision, then don't just rely on your brain, tap into the unique bladder brain connection and make a "better" decision.
An overloaded rectum squishes the bladder, decreasing its’ holding capacity, which leads to the uncontrolled voiding of urine during the night.
Water is a low cost, side effect free, appetite suppressant, but drinking it with or after meal provides little benefit, you need to drink it before eating. 
Did you realise that for the first 50 minutes of your workout, you would be running on that can of soda. Now you know that, bet water is looking attractive
Adding a sprig of cilantro to the jug of water on the table, will ensure you clean up the heavy metals, at your next social event .
That innocent little tinkle in the pool may not be as benign as one might think….. because EVERYONE IS DOING IT.
Hypothyroidism is on the rise. Why ? Researchers suspect it has something to do with the water we’re drinking. It seems too much fluoride taxes the thyroid..
This week’s Neurotechnology Tip suggests you add a bottle of water to your exam writing kit – it may just help you add a point or two to your final grade.
Start your dinner by downing a bottle of carbonated water. The gas bubbles zooting around your stomach will make you FEEL FULLER so oner

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