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 Better Body Chemistry for Weekend Warriors

Tips & strategies to help boost performance

Fuel up
Most sports nuts would probably opt to swig down the specially formulate sports drink, but mother nature’s formulation would be a better option, both for your muscles and for your wallet.
Fuel up
Bananas allow you to slip across the finish line, as well as a proprietary brand energy drink, while being ahead in terms of out of pocket expenses
Fuel up
It almost sounds like heresy but athletes need extra calories to super charge your performance and the best source of those extra calories is fat not carbs.
Keep cool,
Exercising makes you feel hot and bothered, if you’ve got extra padding, exercise is even hotter work. Cooling down your hands can help stop you overheating.
keep calm
Sinking a putt is easier if you imagine the hole to be a little bigger than it is. Reality is relative so, what you think you see, can become your reality
& collected
When mother nature has something DANGEROUS to say, she uses red. Seeing red supercharges your muscles, but it can mess with your head so mind your reds.

Get a little stimulation

Muscles can run on low octane or high octane fuel. To use the high octane stuff, it must be transported in – caffeine wheels it in, helping you go-go.
Adding a mega dose of caffeine to your post workout ritual, will speed up the glycogen reload of your muscles significant. Is it worth it ?is just a habit.
When mother nature has something DANGEROUS to say, she uses red. Seeing red supercharges your muscles, but it can mess with your head so mind your reds.

Take care of your muscles

Football players who end up benched due to injury consistenly have low vitamin D levels. Is vitamin D the key to avoiding costly muscle injuries ?
A muscle rub down does more than just foster a good mood, at the cellular level, a muscle massage is able to fight inflammation and invigorate muscle fibres 
Being able to age gracefully is a motivator to “live healthy” now. So what does it take to “age” gracefully. In a word...... MUSCLE.

"Supplement" wisely

Exercise improves insulin sensitivity, but the benefit requires a little oxidative stress. So if you combine an antioxidant with exercise, you lose the benefit
Downing a glass of nitrate laden beetroot juice is a great tasting way to naturally decrease blood pressure and boost oxygen supplies.
We worry about bone health, but a bone break is a rarity, a tear in a tendons or ligament if far more likely. So what can you do to avoid these ?
Don't be blind sided
Statins are prescribed to protect people from heart attacks. But, statins can go on the offensive and attack skeletal muscles by ripping them open
Make new friends
Stop panicking – the COMING is a good thing. When it comes to your personal collection of “bugs” on your skin, the more the merrier.
Don't overhydrate
After vigorous exercise rehydrating is important but beware drinking water is replacing the water not the sodium. Too little sodium can also kill. 

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