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 Better Body Chemistry during exams

Tips & strategies to "survive" exams

Prepare yourself physically

Intuitively you expect to feel like death warmed up (and you usually do a little later), but initially you feel positively euphoric leading to flawed thinking.
Baby squirrels speed of learning is dependent on the levels of stress hormone buzzing through their brains, cortisol levels also impact human learning.
If you want to have sweet dreams, set yourself up by ensuring your brain receives only pleasant odours during the night.

Prepare yourself psychologically

Try putting pen to paper for 10 minute, journaling about your fears could bring the fretfulness under control and so deliver a winning performance.
Positive affirmations are not an effective way to confront an out and out fear of an exam. You’re better off – fessing up and admitting you’re terrified.
Keep yourself motivated to stick to your study schedule by using a little neurotechnology as you tally up your progress, give your brain a moving target.

Pack for success.... bring

a water bottle

This week’s Neurotechnology Tip suggests you add a bottle of water to your exam writing kit – it may just help you add a point or two to your final grade.

a little lavendar

Lavender oil won’t cure ANXIETY, but, it will take the edge off an anxious moment and just being a little calmer, is more healthful than being FREAKED OUT.

a single sweet

Pop something small and sweet into your mouth – the very taste of sugar on the tip of your tongue, will dial down your stress levels

Watch for subtle stressors

When mother nature has something DANGEROUS to say, she uses red. Seeing red supercharges your muscles, but it can mess with your head so mind your reds.
Your brain is wired to connect A’s with star performance and F with failure, so make sure your brain is focusing on A’s to get an A+ performance.
When you are stressed, all hell tends to break loose in the prefrontal cortex, because cortisol, a really disruptive force arrives on the scene firing bullets.

In the midst of THE STRESS

Mentally rotating or moving an object to a different position or view is do-able IN YOUR HEAD, but gesturing helps your brain keep it on track.
Remembering more is not just about to climbing the “right” tree, you also have to you hang around for the right amount of time to maximize fact retrieval.
Have you ever got into “trouble” because spelling mistakes are popping up in the work you submit ? The spelling problem is probably due to a brain blindness.

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