Quick summary of the science :

Antibiotics / antimicrobials are chemicals that kill bacteria.  Used properly, they save lives, but they do collateral damage, because they also kill bacteria that are normal (healthful) residents.

Go light on antibiotics and antimicrobials, only use them when necessary and appropriate

Anti-bacterial soap washing bacteria away

Anti-bacterial products make it easier for bacteria to move in

Folks who have detectable levels of triclosan, are a lot more likely to be colonized by Staphylococcus aureus, putting them at an increased risk, of a serious infection.

Bacteria throwing a party in one sinus cavity while in the other sinus cavity, which is boarded and shut, a not so desirable bacteria is sneaking in.

The dirt behind sinusitis

You’re suffering from sinusitis. AGAIN ! Your GP prescribes another course of antibiotics. But the cure maybe the problem……

A cell which has been invaded by  virus

What happens when you catch a cold ?

The viral invasion causes destruction of the respiratory tract, the breakdown of law and order creates opportunities for looting and secondary invasions.

Antibiotic decimating bacteria growing in gut soil

The antibiotic hurricane leaves your gut flora flattened

For gut bacteria, the antibiotic storm means it is no longer, business as usual. Only the tough survive and it takes time to return to “normal”.

Antibiotic disguised as a sweet

Giving antibiotics like sweets, not sweets per se, behind childhood obesity 

What if childhood obesity has nothing to do with food ? What if it begins in the doctor’s rooms ? Specifically with antibiotic prescriptions in the under twos

Old lady coughing up green phlegm

Does weird coloured phlegm always warrant an antibiotic ?

Both clinicians and patients believe that coughing up green or yellow phlegm is really BAD but it’ll get better with or without an antibiotic

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